Increasing Your Productivity

I recently increased my productivity 20% by spending $800! It was an unplanned experience but a good one. Last week while working at Starbucks I spilled an entire cup of coffee on my PC-it was fried!

I knew Macs were faster than PC’s and viruses were almost  non-existent but the learning curve intimidated me…..I now wish that I had thrown coffee on my PC two years ago!! My Mac is so much quicker and since I make a living on the Internet-it’s a huge deal!

The Mac that I bought was reconditioned by Apple and has a one year guarantee. The cost was $800 and that represents about a 23% saving. The link to reconditioned Apples is here-check it out if you are bargain hunting!

What about you? Do you have any great place where our readers can save money on getting quality computers at a reasonable price?

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