20-Something Power Brokers

I saw this article in the Wall Street Journal this morning-it’s called 20-Something Power Brokers. This is a great read regardless if you are 20 something or 50 something! It has some great nuggets in the article as it relates to my favorite subject-Cash Flow! How to make it happen and some very insightful comments.

Let’s look a little closer at this article:

In August, broker Oren Alexander shattered real-estate records when he sold the most expensive home on record in Miami, a $47 million estate in Indian Creek. Just a month earlier, he celebrated his 25th birthday. Now, he’s marketing two adjacent estates in Alpine, N.J., with a total price tag of $95 million.

How cool is that!! I found some great quotes that I want to share with my readers who may be looking for career ideas or may be stuck in a rut!

Mr. Alexander, who says he is currently marketing more than $175 million in property. “Plus, being a broker is entrepreneurial—and entrepreneurship is dominating right now.”

I couldn’t agree more on his assesment of entrepreneurship. There are amny opportunities out there, you just have to look in the right places and keep an open mind.

 “It’s pretty hard for young people to get decent-paying jobs, while in real estate you can make $200,000 or $300,000 in the first year or two,” he adds, noting that roughly 25% of his team is currently under 30, compared with just 10% five years ago.

I really can’t think of many careers that can afford a great lifestyle like those involved in some sort of sales. I just met a nurse this morning in my Starbucks office who works for Kimberly Clark in medical sales. She loves her job and she brings her passion for nursing to hospitals every day.

Meanwhile, buyers and sellers are turning more toward younger brokers who may have a competitive advantage in today’s market: technology. Sites that track home sales have made the process more transparent, and digital marketing has become necessary to draw buyers. As digital advertising and social media are rapidly remaking the home-buying process, Internet-savvy brokers are more in demand, and those tend to be younger agents, says Stuart Gabriel, the director of UCLA’s Ziman Center for Real Estate and a UCLA professor.

“Younger brokers are much more comfortable with digital approaches to selling and marketing homes, like social media, and that not only appeals to the buying public but also gives those younger brokers a substantive advantage over other agents,” says Mr. Gabriel.

News Flash: It’s not only in real estate-if you aren’t comfortable with technology sit down with a high school student and get some tutoring!!

“Older brokers are often pretty set in their ways and don’t want to change their style, while Oren was really opening to listening to me and to doing different kinds of deals,” says Mr. Ferraro. “I knew I was taking a risk with a younger agent, but I also knew that Oren was young, hungry, and had the energy and intelligence to do a great job.”

Are you guilty of this-get over it and be receptive to new ways and new attitudes!!

“A lot of these more mature agents have been there, done that, and don’t bring a lot of excitement to the process—it’s just another house for them,” she says. “But we’ve seen the energy and excitement Josh brings to his sellers on television—it just exudes from him—and we knew he could bring that to potential buyers.”

It really doesn’t matter how old you are and what you do; enthusiasm is contagious and people love it!!

 Roberto Angulo, chief executive of AfterCollege, an online-recruiting service for college students, says 63% of graduates surveyed by his company had a hard time finding a job this year. Because unemployment is high among this group, he adds, many college graduates are becoming “more free agents and entrepreneurs, starting companies, working on projects, and going into things like real estate.”

At the end of the day-we’re all Free Agents. Plan accordingly and always nurture your network, or else…

What suggestions or ideas do you have looking for a new career or to ignite their current job?

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