25 Best Jobs

U.S. News & World World Report has a ranking out of the top 25 tops for 2012. They have ranked them comparing thier projected growth to the year 2020 to their industry’s employment rate. They also considered the average salary, predicted job prospects,a and a quantitative assessment of job satisfaction. 

What do you think the #1 job is? Before I tell you…You may want to refresh your memory on writing a great resume hook so you can be at the top of the list!

You can read the entire list here: with Registered Nurses  being at the top of the list.

1. Registered Nurse

Software Developer

3. Pharmacist

4. Medical Assistant

5. Database Administrator

6. Web Developer

7. Computer Systems

8. Physical Therapist

9. Computer Programmer

10. Occupational Therapist

11. Maintenance and Repair Worker

12. Elementary School Teacher

13. Clinical Laboratory Technician

14. Speech-Language Pathologist

15. Paramedic

16.Meeting, Convention & Event Planner

17. School Counselor

18. Social Worker

19. Sports Coach

20. Sales Representative

21. Accountant

22. Receptionist

23. Financial Adviser

24. Customer Service Representative

25. HR Specialist

Any surprises for you? My biggest surprise was #6 Web Developer. This position is actually getting more sophisticated by the day!

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