Create Your Own Job

Have you ever sat at your desk and wondered if you could create a “new” job for yourself? A job that you enjoyed and would bring you in more monthly income? You know you have…..Meet Von Plagman, an employee of Transamerica Life Insurance Company.

Long story short, Von was in customer service and frequently sent out letters to clients to get more information or clarify matters. He realized that they had about 140 templates for letters related to annuity distributions. Some were outdated, overlapped each other and were grammatically incorrect. He mentioned this to this supervisor and she agreed that the letters needed revamping-the rest is history.

According to Von his story has two main take aways:

First, a new job may be at your fingertips and you may not even know it. Being in the right place at the right time can play a part. It also helps if you work for someone who recognizes your strengths and is willing to support you.

Second, you never know how the skills you acquire in one job will come in handy later. Before moving to Transamerica he worked at a Toyota Financial Services customer service center for 14 years, working in departments like collections, repossessions and lease terminations.

How about you-is there a better paying job that you can create within your compnay that would bring you more fullfilment?

The full story of Creating a Niche, and Earning a Promotion can be found here. 

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