ING Direct-Best Place to Work?

ING Direct, loved by many personal finance bloggers. They have fairly decent money market rates and decent opportunities to buy stock at cheap rates. Would you want to work for ING Direct?Back on June 13th of this year ING was fined a record amount of $619 Million dollars for violating U.S. economic sanctions against Cuba and Iran.

The U.S. prohibits certain countries from accessing the U.S. banking system through sanctions. I agree strongly with the sanctions against Iran but the sanctions against Cuba are moronic as is the trade embargo. The embargo has only hurt the Cuban citizens. So, what did ING do-they used a system to srip or delete references to Cuba and Iran and, through more than 20,000 separate transactions successfully moved more than $2 billion through the U.S. financial system.

Now to the real sins of ING Direct-they threatened to fire employees if the failed to conceal the origin of the money….real nice ING ;( Imagine if you were an employee of ING and the economy is dangerously close to a recession; many folks would find it convenient not to say anything so they could keep their jobs!

Have you ever experienced anything like this in your company? What would you do or who would you notify as a whistle blower? ING will probably not be in the running for the best company to work for.

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