Creating Cash Flow

Here’s a cash flow strategy that you can incorporate whether you are unemployed or gainfully employed and looking to start your own cash flow machine!

Here’s the scenario; a friend of mine was in the manufacturing industry and for him it was just a job. However he did know the industry and decided to use his expertise and increase his cash flow. He started a job board called Manufacturing Jobs. He contacted a company which helped him with his site and does all of the “back office” functions including collecting the money from advertisers. For their services they get 30% and he gets 70% .

It works like this: companies pay to advertise their job openings on his site. They pay according to how many visitors the site gets and its position in a Google search. Fortunately, if you do a search for manufacturing jobs, his site comes up number one! The site provides him a nice monthly income!

What about you? Are you working in an industry that you could do your own job board? You could hire a company to help you out or you could have the site built for you and not have to give up the 30% my friend committed a big mistake-he stopped with one job board. If one works well why not have 12 boards in different industries? He got lazy!

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