Motivational Tips to Exercise-Save

Here’s a two-fer for 2012! I saw this article called Ask the Trainer by Linda J. Burch. It was called Tips on Maintaining Motivation to Exercise. Here are her top 10 suggestions:

  • Do it for You (There is nothing more powerful than knowing that you could buy that new whatever, but instead you choose to save)
  • Take Baby Steps (You’ve spent many years developing those nasty financial habits-give yourself a little time to correct them)
  • Make Exercise a Given (PLEASE read The Richest Man in Babylon once a year)
  • Give Yourself Credit (We all need an attaboy along the financial journey)
  • Pace Yourself (You’re not the Stud/Prom Queen that you were in High School)
  • Build a Support Network (Read those Personal Finance Blogs)
  • Embrace Change (for those who are sick and tired of being broke;ask yourself if you are doing the same old things and expecting different results….don’t lie to yourself!
  • Use the Right Equipment (Diversified Portfolio)
  • Educate Yourself (Richest Man in Babylon, blogs, financial books)
  • Eat Right (While you are eating right implement strategies to increase your cash flow)

OK, now you know what you have to do to get ripped-follow these same steps to increase your cash flow and 2012 could turn out to be your best year ever 😉

Guess what? Most people give up on their New Years resolutions by February 15th. Since you now know this be extra cautious and have your plan in motion before then so you won’t be one of those losers for the new year!! Good luck !

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