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Advertisers Welcome

Get on Board Now!!

Do you have a great product or service that needs more attention? Of course you do and this personal finance blog is just the place you want to be! Why you ask? It’s kinda like being able to buy Apple stock for $20 bucks…Here is some food for thought:

In Cash Flow We Trust has a page rank (PR) of 1/10 clearly you can see that the sky’s the limit!

Alexa Ranking-Next question 😉

Monthly Readers-Approaching 200

Soon to be rated one of the best Personal Finance Blogs-according to (be determined)

Yes, folks this is truly an opportunity of a lifetime. Soon, this blog will have a page rank of 5-6 with thousands of views per day, the train is leaving the station so don’t miss out.

You may ask yourself; what would I do with the $15,000 a month that advertisers could contribute to my cash flow? Look at this beauty: a new Ferrari. Don’t laugh, a man needs a car to get to Starbucks in the morning, workout at the gym and go to business meetings!! Rest assured, I do product reviews and if you’re reading this, Ferrari, you only need send one new Ferrari 458! Normally I require two of everything so that my readers may have a chance of winning one.

If you don’t sell Ferrari’s there’s still room for you. Just ask and see what we can work out 😉

Now that I’ve piqued your interest; you can find out all the details of advertising with In Cash Flow We Trust.  The international director of advertising, Crystal, will promptly answer all of your burning questions and cut you a smoking deal!

Steve Needs a New Ferrari!