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What Is a Monthly Budget….

I confess, when it comes to a monthly budget-I suck! The good news is Crystal over at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff, is quite diligent about a monthly budget!

If you too suck at monthly budgeting, jump over and read this post Checking in on our Monthly Budget and Troll Rant.  It’s an interesting post and for me, a little motivational reminder on why it’s a good idea to look at the monthly cash flow-Enjoy!

Keywords in URL May Help Rankings and Money!

A blogger asked me about the importance of having keywords in your URL (blog address). I would defer to Matt Cutts, who works at Google and writes his own blog. Matt is a sharp guy so when Matt talks…I listen.

Here is his comment: “Most bloggy sites tend to have words from the title of a post in the URL; having keywords from the post title in the URL also can help search engines judge the quality of a page.” It may not be of major importance but if you are in the business of making money with your blog-every little advantage helps.
Thanks Search Engine Watch.
For additional information on SEO basics check my blog at SEO Speakers.

Steve Mertz
Thanks Matt!

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