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Teens Generate Cash Flow

It’s never too early to learn how to generate cash flow! Take Kaimi Quipotla for example. The 18 year old high school student mostly recycles her apparel using online marketplaces. I’ll wear something twice and then  sell it and buy something new.” “If you’re smart about it and know how to upsell, resell and customize, you can also make so much money.” She started selling items from her closet when she was 13 years old. 

She use and app called Poshmark, for reselling her clothes. I love this entrepreneurship at such an early age!

Here’s another all star: Tyler Rose, 17, started selling clothes online two years ago to earn money to buy collectible sneakers. From his family’s New York City apartment, and with the help of the building’s doormen to handle his packages, Rose and his parents said he made more than $100,000 last year by reselling skateboard apparel and rare sneakers. He primarily used eBay and Facebook but now sells mostly from his own website-smart guy!

Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and Now Coding

Great article in the New York Times all about teaching seven year olds how to code!  At first, I was kinda shocked;teaching seven years old to code? Then I got to thinking about all the junk I was taught when I was seven years old….maybe teaching a real life skill has some serious merits!

Since December, 20,000 teachers from kindergarten through 12th grade have introduced coding lessons, according to Here’s a cool development: some 30 school districts including New York City and Chicago, have agreed to add coding classes in the fall, mainly in high schools but in lower grades too. And policy makers in nine states have begun rewarding the same credits for computer science classes that they do for basic math and science courses rather than treating them as electives.

I think this is really going to be a game changer in the coming years-I realize not everyone wants to code but what a terrific way to teach something that requires many skills and potentially put money in your pocket. Long live cash flow-what are your thoughts?

Marijuana Will Be the Single Best Investment Idea?

Todd Harrison believes that Marijuana will be the single best investment idea of the decade.

But while the public has watched recreational marijuana take off in Colorado this year, how can they profit from it as an investment theme?

Harrison believes it will be driven by the broader legalization of marijuana, inspired by states’ need for tax revenue. He points to expectations that legal marijuana use is expected to generate $134 million in tax revenue for the upcoming fiscal year in Colorado, the first state to allow recreational marijuana. That’s  nothing to sneeze at, and Harrison calls the state the “litmus test” for broader legalization. Harrison also cites the expected decline in crime rates and  prison populations as powerful incentives to decriminalize  marijuana. Read more »

Make Money from GM’s Arrogance

Today I have an idea that you can implement immediately to increase your cash flow-regardless if you are 20 something or that 50 something year old who just got laid off ;(

I wrote a blog post yesterday titled My Tax Dollars Went to These Morons. I mentioned that several law firms were going to have a huge party at GM’s expense-sweet dreams GM! Specifically the law firm of Weitz & Luxenberg had registered the domain name to generate clients for potential lawsuits. So, how can you make some money off of this fiasco?

Here’s what I did-I went over to and started a new, free, website called  What’s my strategy for generating cash?

  • Install Google Adsense to generate cash flow
  • Make this site a portal for those seeking unbiased reviews on securing the best attorney
  • Open the possibility that some companies may want to purchase ads

I’ll keep you posted on my success or failure of this site. The point is this: just don’t sit there and do nothing when a big event like this happens! There’s plenty of traffic now I just am getting in the middle of it.

Good luck and make some money today!


A Young Inventor, Finding the Crunch Factor

I saw this article in the New York times called A Young Inventor, Finding the Crunch Factor. 

Mark King is lucky, he knew early on in life that his passion was inventing. As many people can attest; the single hardest thing in life can be discovering your passion and make a living at it!

King had seen a call for ideas on a website sponsored by General Mills, where the company invites amateur inventors to come up with fresh concepts. King typed out his musings in an email and hit send-soon General Mills had him on a plane to Minneapolis, its corporate home. Check this site out it’s called G-WIN. Big shout out to General Mills for this effort!

King tells us the background of his invention:

When he saw what General Mills was looking for in a granola-bar texture machine, “I took a ton of different ideas and ran them through my mind, and then I just came onto this one that I saw was kind of interesting,” he said. He wrote down a description and sent it in.

“Then I got an email, and they said the idea was awesome,” he recalled. “They said, ‘O.K., call this number at this time, and use this code, and then you’ll be calling into a teleconference.’ ” Imagine. “It was like a James Bond scenario.”

How cool, great job Mark King-continued success!

Attention Minority Contractors

Have you been certified by the government as a minority owned company? Since Federal projects have to have a certain percentage awarded to minority contractors; this can be a very lucrative opportunity.

For the past two years my company has been looking into this and offering guidance to minority owned companies. Here is a classic example. Read more »

EBay Making Money on Sellers Money

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a site like EBay and if I sold something I could use your cash for 21 days before giving it to you? How much would you pay for that opportunity? There’s a great post in the New York Times called 21 Days of Rage for Some EBAy Sellers.

Here’s an email that the Haggler got:

Q. After more than a dozen years as an eBay buyer and seller, with a flawless record and 431 transactions, I received an e-mail from PayPal, the online payment company that eBay owns, with some exasperating news:

“Starting Jan. 16, 2012, money from payments you receive will be placed in a pending balance for up to 21 days. By doing this, we’re making sure that there’s enough money in your account to cover potential refunds or claims. Even though you can’t access the money right away, please ship orders quickly and communicate with your customers. After 21 days, you can withdraw money from each payment as long as the customer hasn’t filed a dispute, chargeback, claim, return or reversal.”

I could get the money sooner, the e-mail went on, if eBay could confirm that the item was delivered or if the buyer left positive feedback. In effect, the company is saying that I can no longer be trusted to deliver goods in a timely manner.

Why? “We reviewed your account and determined that there’s a relatively higher than average risk of future transaction issues (such as claims, or chargebacks, or payment reversals),” the e-mail said.

How I suddenly fell under suspicion is a mystery. My hobby — selling pottery and decorative accessories — has  hardly changed. What’s clear is that eBay/PayPal now gets to keep my money, at least temporarily, and earn interest on it, I assume.

If it were just my money, the interest earned would not be worth mentioning. But if you look on eBay seller sites, you will find a whole lot of people in this exact situation — treated as though they might try to fleece consumers, despite sterling histories. It’s enough to make you think that eBay is using all this held money to pad its bottom line.

Could the Haggler investigate?

William Ferrall

Nantucket, Mass.


The Haggler called eBay and learned from Christopher Payne, a company vice president, that the 21-day hold was introduced last fall. The idea is to increase the quality of the auction experience by reducing the number of purchases that end in tears and/or refunds.

To achieve this worthy goal, the company devised a filter that is supposed to flag sellers who appear to be at risk of delivering a bad buying experience. There are many different triggers, including obvious no-nos like sending broken products. But as Mr. Ferrall’s case shows, the filter is kind of like a cop who thinks that even law-abiding citizens are on the verge of a crime spree.

With Mr. Ferrall’s permission, eBay looked into exactly how he landed in the company’s dreaded cash purgatory. There were two reasons, it turned out. First, Mr. Ferrall took some time off from selling last year, and, second, the value of the merchandise he sold when he kicked back into action was lower than what he had been selling before.

In other words, eBay’s filter looked past Mr. Ferrall’s perfect record as a seller and said, in effect: “You’ve taken a few months off and you’re now selling cheaper stuff. That’s fishy.”

Does a seller with an impeccable past deserve to be caught in this dragnet? After looking at the details, the company decided that the answer was no.

“We didn’t do right by you,” an eBay representative said in an e-mail to Mr. Ferrall a few days ago, “and we hope that moving as swiftly as possible once we learned of the error to correct it and get you back up and running was some consolation.”

Mr. Payne told the Haggler that eBay would tinker with its filter so that people like Mr. Ferrall wouldn’t be flagged in the future.

“We’re constantly refining these models,” Mr. Payne said, “and we’re going to learn from this experience.”

He added that sellers who are subject to holds can get their money in as little as three days if eBay concludes that the buyer is satisfied. Also, he continued, less than 1 percent of sellers have been given the 21-day hold treatment. Of course, 1 percent in a community of 25 million is 250,000 sellers.

Mr. Payne said that held money was parked in an interest-bearing account, though he wouldn’t be specific about how much interest this money earned, other than to describe the sum as “minimal.” (In public filings, eBay does not break out how much it earns from held money.) But on Tuesday, the company told the Haggler that from now on, held money would be placed in a bank account that didn’t bear interest.

“This was never intended to be a source of income for us,” Mr. Payne said.

The Haggler has two reactions. First: bully for eBay. Second: wait, there are bank accounts that don’t bear interest? The company is now in the midst of announcing the change and perhaps will offer more details.

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Pay Pal and Cash Flow

Many personal finance bloggers have a way to collect money. Many use Pay Pal or a merchant account to facilitate collecting money. So, let’s look a little closer as to how you may increase your cash flow.

Let’s say you are contacted by an advertiser on your blog. You reach an agreement with the advertiser and they send the money to you via Pay Pal. You wait a day or two and the money should be available from your bank account-all’s well. Read more »

Motivational Tips to Exercise-Save

Here’s a two-fer for 2012! I saw this article called Ask the Trainer by Linda J. Burch. It was called Tips on Maintaining Motivation to Exercise. Here are her top 10 suggestions:

  • Do it for You (There is nothing more powerful than knowing that you could buy that new whatever, but instead you choose to save)
  • Take Baby Steps (You’ve spent many years developing those nasty financial habits-give yourself a little time to correct them)
  • Make Exercise a Given (PLEASE read The Richest Man in Babylon once a year)
  • Give Yourself Credit (We all need an attaboy along the financial journey)
  • Pace Yourself (You’re not the Stud/Prom Queen that you were in High School)
  • Build a Support Network (Read those Personal Finance Blogs)
  • Embrace Change (for those who are sick and tired of being broke;ask yourself if you are doing the same old things and expecting different results….don’t lie to yourself!
  • Use the Right Equipment (Diversified Portfolio)
  • Educate Yourself (Richest Man in Babylon, blogs, financial books)
  • Eat Right (While you are eating right implement strategies to increase your cash flow)

OK, now you know what you have to do to get ripped-follow these same steps to increase your cash flow and 2012 could turn out to be your best year ever 😉

Guess what? Most people give up on their New Years resolutions by February 15th. Since you now know this be extra cautious and have your plan in motion before then so you won’t be one of those losers for the new year!! Good luck !

Creating Cash Flow

Here’s a cash flow strategy that you can incorporate whether you are unemployed or gainfully employed and looking to start your own cash flow machine!

Here’s the scenario; a friend of mine was in the manufacturing industry and for him it was just a job. However he did know the industry and decided to use his expertise and increase his cash flow. Read more »