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How Reliable are Those Yelp Reviews?

Amazon, Yelp and similar sites rely on customer reviews to help users with their purchases. A nagging concern of shoppers, however, is how reliable these critiques are. I’m sure, you too, have wondered this-Right?

Bundle,  is a New York City based start-up and has turned to a source it deems more objective: credit card data. Bundle receives data on credit card transactions from Citi, one of its investors. The data is stripped of personal details, but every cardholder is tagged with a unique identifier so spending can be tracked.  Read more »

Credit Card Traps

The following is a guest post.

Most people would agree that credit cards are a convenient way to pay for goods. They are also a good way to build a solid credit history. The key, though, is to use them responsibly and not fall into common credit card traps.

The debt trap
Credit cards are like a free loan for a certain period, usually 25 to 30 days. Pay off your bill during this time and you pay no interest. Fail to pay the whole amount you owe, however and the balance will incur interest charges of anywhere from 15 to 25 percent. Read more »