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Is Your Smile Keeping You From Employed?

Have you ever just met someone and when they smiled you cringed? I’m guilty-I just expect people to take care of their teeth and I make judgements based on the condition of your teeth! Come to find out, I’m not the only one.

Take the example of Patty Kennedy; with 5 broken teeth, three cavities and a painful gum disease, she knew her job prospects were not bright:

“But like many of the more than 2,200 people who showed up for the 5:30 a.m. clinic on May 18 and 19, Kennedy knew that bad teeth translate into poor employment prospects, even for the best workers.”

“I really don’t smile a lot,” said Kennedy, whose husband, Lucas, also 53, lost his job five years ago when California’s construction economy tanked. “I know that when you have a job, you want to have a pleasant attitude and you’ve got to smile and be friendly.” Read more »

My Apple Store Experience

Great Customer Service!

Today, my iPhone 4 just quit on me-first time anything has ever happened in over 3 years! So, I went over to the Aspen Grove Apple store located at 7301 S. Santa Fe Drive in Littleton, CO 80120. On the day that Apple stock was up 16 points I was amazed that there was a line out the door. People spending money-lots of it and everyone, including myself, was smiling!

I have to give a big shout out to Javid and Justin, they couldn’t have been more helpful and friendly. My phone was restored in short order and all is good with the world. The reason I was smiling is because I own Apple stock and hopefully you have some tucked in your portfolio as well 😉

Apple continues to delight me on the upside and I just had to share this experience and big shout out with you! How about you-have you had a great Apple experience lately and do you own the stock?

Starbucks Update

Life is good once again at my favorite Starbucks. We have new trees planted, very green, Starbucks-and we have new umbrellas!! Yeah.. Libby Havice was kind enough to explain that Starbucks only uses one supplier to make their umbrellas and they had been back ordered forever! Thanks for your time and efforts Libby.
Every successful business venture has great employees that really enjoy what they do and go that extra mile to make you fell like a guest. No one does that better than the Starbucks crew at the Greenwood Village Starbucks-Thanks for all that you do!

Steve Mertz