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How to Double the Traffic to Your Blog

You can double the traffic to your blog-but give yourself 30 days. This post is meant mostly for Personal Finance bloggers who have not yet made the A list of traffic and revenue blogs. Let’s assume you blog for one of the following reasons:

  • Your Ego
  • Your Desire to Help Individuals
  • You want/need income

Whatever your reason, these tips will help you!

  • Start with a key word rich title. In this example my title is How to Double the Traffic to Your Blog, people do search for terms like this. For those of you who are more SEO advanced, the title bar in WordPress is an H2 headline. Simply put, Google pays attention to the headline.  I’ve noticed that many Personal Finance bloggers have become lax about their titles.
  • Have great copy in your posts. You don’t want to key word stuff but it’s a great idea to support your title in the body of the post with relevant copy-make that unique and authoritative copy!
  • If you have other blog posts that are relevant, link to them. Internal links are very good. Please note, it’s stronger to use keywords when you link to your post. For example: Great titles will help double the traffic to your blog.  vs You may also be interested in this post:
  • How to increase your blog traffic 50%
  • WordPress has a great plug in called All in One SEO. This is a great SEO tool because it allows you to title each post, write a keyword rich description and use keywords for each post. Your reader doesn’t notice it but Google does! Please note, don’t keyword stuff here either. For example, if you haven’t used the phrase top personal fiance blog in your post; it’s a waste of time to put it in your keywords list.

For me personally, increased traffic will help my PR, my Moz Rank and help increase revenues from advertisers. Another great reason to increase traffic to your site is if you ever decide to sell your personal finance blog, you may get a substantially higher price. Whatever your reasons for wanting to double the traffic to your site-try this for 30 days and see if you don’t notice a huge influx of traffic!!

This is by no means the complete and authoritative list but it’s a great starting point. I am happy to include all of my readers great suggestions as well. Please let me know if these simple tips do help increase Google search traffic to your site-here’s to 100,000 visitors a month 😉