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College Degrees-RIP

It’s no secret that the cost of a college degree is ridiculous. You can read almost any personal finance blogger and somewhere they talk about their outstanding student loans or their strategy for paying them off. During the most recent recession in the United States; college admissions soared-but is that really the answer to finding great job that you are passionate about? The answer is NO!

Enter the new era of boot camps. A perfect example is a recent article in Yahoo Finance called Coding boot camps promise to launch tech careers. I believe this is a trend that will force Colleges across the country to make their curriculum more relevant, cut out the BS, and lower tuition to reasonable rates.

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Is College Worth the Cost

There is an interesting article over at Yahoo Finance titled: Tech Billionaire Reid Hoffman: College Is Worth the Cost, But Be Thoughtful About It.  This subject matter gets discussed endlessly and everyone has an opinion! I like the content of this article because these folks are successful and have had actual experience. Read more »