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Early ETF Stars of 2012

I’m a stock picker and never buy mutual funds but I do occasionally buy ETF’s if I don’t have a better idea at the time. I saw this article in Yahoo Finance called Early ETF Stars of 2012

You may want to peruse this list if you are looking for some ideas and general market themes. Some of these are pretty interesting! Here are the top 10:

1. Van Eck India Small-Cap Index (SCIF) 30.13%

The booming Indian economy has begun to attract assets. This ETF is made up of over 120 individual holdings. Take a look and maybe invest on a pull back.

2. Global X Uranium (URA) 26.86%

Interesting results- a little too concentrated for me but I’m surprised at how well these bad boys have done.

3. VelocityShares Daily Inverse VIX Short-Term (XIV) 26.42%

The end of the year turned out to do well for this ETF. Keep your eye on this during these volatile markets.

4. Guggenheim Solar (TAN) 18.63

This is a surprise to me! There are 35 companies in this ETF but does it have the strength to hold up during the year.

5. Van Eck Egypt Index (EGPT) 18.53%

How about these results-for Egypt!! This ETF consists of 30 stocks. Very speculative but good to see this economy is coming back.

6. UBS E-Tracs ISE Solid State Drive Index (SSDD) 18.15%

This ETF worked well with with all the bullish sentiment sweeping over Wall Street! The intent of this ETF is to round out investors exposure to technology by investing in the booming solid state drive market.

7. Barclays iPath Dow Jones-UBS Tin Total Return Sub-Index (JJT) 17.2%

Who would of thought-Tin is ahead of Copper and Aluminum prices!This is ja small ETF and very concentrated but it may make sense for a portion of your portfolio.

8. UBS E-Tracs Long Platinum (PTM) 17.0%

Platinum has been one of the leaders for precious metals over concerns of inflation and increasing industrial demand. Very concentrated fund so watch carefully if you go all in!

9. EG Shares Industrial GEMS (IGEM) 16.89%

This fund tracks the 30 largest emerging market companies in the industrials sector and features heavy allocations to China, Indonesia, Sough Africa, Malaysia and Mexico-nice emerging growth coverage.

10. First Trust BICK Index Fund (BICK) 16.23%

This fund bets that emerging markets are still steaming with action. Depending on what happens In Europe, this ETF could continue to produce decent results.

Well, there you have it. Hopefully this will give you some food for thought for your portfolio. Have you used ETF’s? Let me know if you have used any of these to help you in your investments.