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The Dirtiest Four Letter Word

Yeah…it’s the “D” word, you know, Discipline. It’s a beautiful day in Denver, Colorado and on my way to Starbucks I drove by Washington Park. I love Wash Park because it’s a piece of heaven in an asphalt jungle. Huge trees, great flowers, manicured grass and some of the best looking and fit men and women to be found in Denver! As I’m driving by I can’t help but notice that 98% of the men and women out running are mean and lean-where are all the Chubbies? I know Denver has them, cause I’ve seen them come into my office, Starbucks, in the morning and order the largest drinks with extra Carmel and whip cream! What I like about all the joggers in Wash Park is the fact that their work out is free and you can see and feel the comradery of the folks-they are all sharing the pain!

As I drive by Wash Park I feel so damn good-almost like I’m getting a great work out by osmosis; then I pinch myself and go to my gym for swimming. Same thing, most of the folks I see there are pretty fit-maybe the fat folks work out at different times?

It reminded me of an earlier blog post I wrote about Weight loss and Saving Money and Motivational Tips to Exercise-Save.  I think there may be a correlation between the two and it starts with that discipline thing! Specifically, think of all the people that have been in your life, starting in college, who were always dead broke! Fast forward-they now work with you and are in the lunch room complaining about being broke.

Here is my take away for those who truly want to break this cycle:

  • Read Personal Finance Blogs for tips and or motivation
  • Join an investment club at work or outside of work
  • Start with any investment plan that may be offered at your work
  • Open an online investment account
  • Make a budget
  • Put together a game plan to pay off your credit card debt-I know you have some ūüėČ
  • Make a list before you go grocery shopping and stick to it
  • Never go grocery shopping when you’re starving- that’s why your butt is BIG and you’re broke!
  • Use coupons-there is absolutely no shame-it makes you look brilliant
  • Meet new people who share your new found passion for saving and being fit
  • Quit buying junk-email me if you need a clarification of junk
  • Quit thinking about yourself all the time-go volunteer at Children’s Hospital or one of my favorite charities, Ronald McDonald House Charities.
  • Start going to your Washington Park!

For all of my Personal Finance Blog buddies please comment and tell me what I’ve forgotten-except you Crystal. When Crystal tries to leave a comment, it gets “eaten”. Anyone else having this issue? What is causing this??

Last thing to all of you obese folks…you don’t look good! You are not going to live long and prosper. Ditto for all of those of you who choose to be broke!


My Weird Behavior

I Do Product Reviews Rolex!!

Yesterday, Crystal had a post called: Now I remember Why I Avoided HGTV for the Last 3 Years…¬†and she asked a simple question:

Do you have anything in your life driving you to weird behavior?

Hmmm, one of my biggest Google search terms is : I bought a Rolex on impulse. It’s true, I can’t go anywhere near a store that sells Rolex watches. On this particular day I had my eye on a Rolex Submariner and less than 30 minutes later I had added $4,725.00 to stimulate the economy!

I knew it was a tad impulse buy….Really!! It’s this fascination I have with mechanical watches that keep great time and generally hold their value quite well. After buying and selling 4 more Rolex watches, fortunately, at a profit, it dawned on me that I had acquired a rather expensive past time. Gold was starting to climb in price and the prices of the Rolex watches with gold in them also kept climbing.

Today, I confine myself to looking at the pictures of my beloved Rolex’s in Cigar¬†Aficionado-a much cheaper past time! So, while Crystal was filling her house with all those needed HGTV items; I was filling mine with Rolex watches.

Now, I’m older and wiser (kinda) but the car almost stopped in front of a Rolex dealer yesterday ūüėČ

Did I mention that I do product reviews Rolex……

What about you-any sins you want to confess in this public forum?

Julie over at Freedom 48 has an interesting post today called: 6 Questions to Ask  Before Making a Purchase

Being Off the Financial Grid

I had dinner with a friend of mine last night. She is a part time student in college and also holds down a job as a waitress. She doesn’t have a bank account and keeps all her cash at home….Recently her apartment complex was broken into and she lost her emergency saving stash of $3000.00!

For her, that’s a huge amount and she has what she believes are legitimate reasons for not having it in a bank, money market or stock account. I didn’t want to pursue her options at the time¬†because¬†she was so upset. But, what about using that money to buy a MasterCard Gift Card, American Express or anything that might protect her from robbery!

I’m guessing that she is worried about paying taxes but the amount of taxes would be¬†inconsequential¬†compared to losing the¬†entire¬†$3000!

Do you have friends who are off the financial grid? What do they do to protect their money?