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Fix the Debt

Take a look at this website by CEO’s begging/Demanding  Washington to do something to Fix The Debt!

The CEO Fiscal Leadership Council has some serious heavy weights and business leaders who are committed to mobilizing local, state and national support to persuade Congress to enact, and the President to sign, a comprehensive debt deal large enough to stabilize and reduce the federal debt as a share of the economy. Read more »

Don’t Increase Taxes on My Dividends!

Here's to all You Savers in America

President Obama has escalated his tax battle with Republicans, submitting a budget that would nearly triple tax rates on dividend income! The proposed increase would boost the top rate on dividend taxes from 15% this year to 43.4% next year. This includes a new proposal to tax dividends at the same rate as regular income-39.6%

For me, this moronic move is a slap in the face to all “middle class” savers who are just trying to build cash flow through their investments-why in the world would you penalize investors for saving and making prudent investment choices? This proposed budget really disgusts me-what about you?

Do you think dividends should be taxed as regular income?