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Ron Baron on Investing in CEO’s Character

9 years ago Harvey Weinstein wanted the Baron funds to invest in his fledging company. Ron Baron almost did it until he asked people in the industry what they thought of Weinstein’s character-they said he was a (pig-my interpretation) and Baron told him to pound sound.

I like Baron and have followed him for years, he, by the way, is a billionaire, and great stock picker. He mentioned that three of his favorite stock picks are Tesla (TSLA), Vail Resorts (MTN) and Schwab (SCHW). His average investment time in a stock is 10 years-not the usual 10 minutes you see today from a lot of hedge funds 🙂

He likes the character and leadership qualities of these three executives and they have made him a ton of money. When it comes to the infamous Tesla and Elon Musk; Baron says whether he is successful long term or not; his vision has forced Detroit to pursue electric cars-I would agree! Happy investing!

Do You Plan and Earn Your Vacation

Crystal has a blog post this morning talking about planning and earning her vacation this December; a Carnival Cruise! It reminded me of two great lessons hopefully everyone has or is learning.

Plan your vacation and pay for it in advance! There is no better feeling than going on a vacation and coming home with no vacation bill hangover! I once planned a vacation to see the fall colors on the east coast and paid for it in full-it was a fabulous feeling and a great vacation.

The interesting question becomes: how will you pay for this fabulous vacation? I paid for mine by taking some profits I had earned in the stock market. Remember, they aren’t profits until you sell and actually book the profits!

What are your favorite ways to pay for a vacation?

Have a great Monday everyone!

Shout Out to The Skimm

The Skimm FoundersDanielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin are the founders of The Skimm. Skimm is now two years old and their subscriber base continues to explode!

The two met while studying abroad and both had a passion for news. They started working in the corporate environment, as producers for NBC News.They started talking about doing their own thing and the rest is history!! Read more »

Cutting Spending in Washington

I pretty much as disgustedGo Joni!!Go Joni! with all of Washington DC and politicians but this little ad made me smile;)


How to use a Loans Calculator

Often, choosing the right financial product to suit you involves hours of research, as you try to understand all the terms and conditions and compare costs to get the best deals. You go through exactly the same thing when you start to search for the best loans to take out, and it can be exhausting, exasperating and time-consuming.

There is now a very simple thing you can do to hunt down the best loans on the market. The solution is to use a loans calculator.

What is a loans calculator?

Generally speaking, a loans calculator is a simple online tool which allows you to work out how much a loan will cost you. However, there are a few different types of loans calculator, some which allow you to calculate the monthly costs of a loan and some which help you find the cheapest loans.

Some loans calculators have sliders to allow you to narrow down your requirements and play around with loan amounts and time periods to find the best deal.

What information will I need to use a loans calculator?

• The total amount you are thinking of borrowing
• The amount of time over which you intend to pay the loan back (i.e. 12 months)
• Your credit rating – usually you will only be asked to provide an estimate of your current credit status, such as ‘good’, ‘fair’ or ‘poor’

Where can I find a loans calculator?

Loans calculators are available and free to use all over the Web. You can find them on financial advice websites, as well as on the websites of loan providers themselves.

Online Cashbook Services

If you are self employed, a freelance worker or are involved in any kind of independent small business, regularly using an online cashbook can reduce the worry of finding your receipts and payment records when you need them.

There are many different applications and ways to use accounting services online, from easy-to-navigate software programs with user-friendly interfaces designed for the layperson and accountants alike, through to fully serviced personal consultants who can offer more specialised help and advice. Read more »

The Bubble Man

The President looked dazed and confused last night-and he appeared shocked that Romney verbally bitch slapped the smirk off his face. He is so use to being in the Washington bubble surrounded by yes men!

Romney sounds like an idiot when he says he’s going to repeal Obama Care on the first day-Really, I didn’t realize that a President has that power….

I do think Romney got a boost and the stock market is up but my gut tells me we will have 4 more years with Bubble Man!!

PS Mr. Romney, there is no such thing as “clean coal”. Remember this, if you don’t vote you can’t bitch so register and vote!!

Confusion in the Investment Industry

The following is a guest post from Ed Butowsky. Ed is an investment advisor and speaks to the confusion in the market today:

Ed Butowsky Explains Confusion in the Investment Industry

To help recover from the Great Depression, the United States passed the Glass-Steagall Act, separating the capabilities of banks, brokerage firms, and insurance companies. When this act was repealed in 1999, it allowed all financial institutions to replicate each other’s business models. As a result, mass confusion occurred in the marketplace and people did not know where to go for their investment needs. Additionally, it became evident that the lack of training and education in this field was unacceptable. Read more »

Happy Memorial Day

Thanks to all of our service men and women around the world and here at home! A special remembrance to all of those who have paid the ultimate price of ensuring our freedom.

Have a great day to everyone!

From $150,000 a Year to Starbucks

Good Luck!

Mandi Woodruff of Business insider has an article that really caught my eye. It’s titled How a Former Currency StrategistWent from $150K/Year to Serving Lattes at Starbucks.

This article really brought back memories for me-for years I went around the country giving Rollover seminars to folks who had just been down sized, laid off or cast aside.. It’s during this time that I learned how much more clever and flexible women are when they are laid off! Read more »