Happy New Year

It’s that time of year again….we make a ton of resolutions and shortly thereafter become overwhelmed and nothing gets done ūüėČ Not really, the key is always to take babby steps! Set up a few realistic goals that you can control and then set that plan in motion.

Here’s something that may help you on that path-particularly¬†if one of your goals is to clean up or¬†improve¬†your credit score. A friend of mine had recently signed up for a FREE service called Credit Karma.¬†

Credit Karma allows you to obtain free credit scores and monitors any credit activity going on that may affect you. He had it less than two weeks when he got an email alert that he had opened up a new credit card account-he had not!

The identitiy theifs had everything; his social, his address, even his mothers maiden name. Fortunately they had not made any purchases yet and he was able to close the account down. Here’s a shout out to Credit Karma!

Please leave any comments if you have had any experience with this service of if you have recommendations for any other FREE services. Thanks in advance and make it a great year!


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