The Cost of Loneliness

I saw an article at MSN Money titled The High Cost of Finding Love. I’ve long held the premise that loneliness can cost men and women a boat load of money and can completely derail all budgeting efforts.

For the moment let’s put love aside and concentrate on the pit falls singles can fall into in their basic need of companionship-it can get very expensive! Flexo recently was exploring Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, so let’s see where companionship fits in. There we go just above Physiological and Safety. I think an argument can be made that companionship is for many people, the foundation of Maslow’s hierarchy; how else can you explain seeing a homeless couple on the street corner? So, what does this companionship cost? There are some ideas from Lisa who wrote a guest post called: Entertainment on the Cheap.  Crystal has also explore this area in a post called: Bowling Leagues are Dang Expensive.

Here’s the bad news-if you are single and looking for companionship you can end up spending a lot of money. Consider the facts:

If you are 30 something a woman or man has certain expectations concerning educational levels of their partners, income levels and social status. These are the cold hard facts. You can no longer just call a woman to “hang out” when trying to find companionship. Chances are pretty good that there will be dinner, drinks and some form of entertainment. You can see right away that if you let your need for companionship rule your dating game you can quickly get into financial trouble and you really have nothing to offer a companion-it’s a vicious cycle. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a true believer in doing volunteer work that you are passionate about, and that can be a great way to meet others who share your passion but at some point you will be spending money. I’m the first to admit that budgeting is not my favorite thing, it’s a necessary evil!

However, I am also a believer in expanding your financial opportunities. Rather than feel that you are licked into something that just pays the bills, expand your horizons and find new opportunities that can lead you to more prosperity and more companionship. There are so many world class ideas on how this can be achieved my perusing some of these personal financial blogs-take advantage of them!

Have you faced this dilemma of finding meaningful companionship on a limited budget-what are your best tips?

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