Divorce and Money

Unfortunately, JD over at Get Rich Slowly has a post called A Place of My Own. Having done this journey several years ago; it really struck a cord with me. I thought I’d share some insights and hopefully good advice to those who may face this wretched experience!

What happened between the two is irrelevant and I’m glad he chose not to elaborate. I like how things are going so far. He states:

Kris and I are working together to build the best possible relationship going forward. We want to remain close friends.

Kudos to both of them for choosing this path! 

He chose to rent a small apartment that has great access to things important to him. I think this is a great idea. While he sorts things out he doesn’t have to worry about home ownership and all the things that go with it. A small apartment worked well for me-it wasn’t as lonely and I felt that I was more in control vs having 1800 square feet to worry about.

Fear of the Future-ah yes, we all experience that after a divorce. One of his top priorities is health insurance. Like me, he was on this wife’s policy and hopefully he has not pre-existing conditions that would make his premium skyrocket. He’s lucky because his wife told him:

We are not getting a divorce until you can prove to me that you have health insurance.

Seriously, good for her!! This divorce has the potential to cause some serious financial disasters but fortunately, JD is well versed in the money world and hopefully will make great choices. I can’t say that I did when the divorce hit. I was proud, deeply saddened and made some terrible financial decisions. If I had to do it again I would absolutely do the following:

  • Consult with a psychologist to talk through the issues
  • Read books on the subject matter
  • Discuss those with others who may have insights

Come to find out, talking to the bartender at the strip club doesn’t circumvent the need to get professional advice!

JD, I wish you the best and know you will make good decisions and it’s true….time does heal everything!


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