Using Small Claims Court

Don't Slow my Data

No one likes to have to go to court (normal folks anyway) but sometimes there is no other alternative. Take the case of Matt Spaccarelli, an unemployed truck driver and student. Matt took the country’s largest telecommunications company-AT&T, to small claims court and won! His award was $850.00

AT&T started slowing down his data service for his iPhone. The company started slowing down data service for the top 5 percent of its smartphone subscribers with “unlimited” plans. Spaccarelli said his phone is being throttled after he’s used 1.5 gigabytes to 2 gigabytes of data within a new billing cycle. Meanwhile, AT&T provides 3 gigabytes of data to subscribers on a tiered plan that costs the same-$30 per month. Oops…

Pro-term Judge Russell Nadel found in favor of Spaccarelli in Ventura Superior Court in Simi Valley on Friday, saying it wasn’t fair for the company to purposely slow down his iPhone, when it had sold him an “unlimited data” plan

Who says the little guy can’t get justice? Have you heard of similar experiences?

What did you do?

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