Advice to Entrepreneurs-Fail Cheaply

I met Steve Shapiro, the business innovation speaker, last month when I was speaking at the Boston Chapter of NSA. As fate would have it Steve Spoke at our chapter here in Denver, Colorado on Friday. His presentation was great and the audience loved it! Steve normally speaks on Innovation and how to keep your business ahead of the curve. He did share some of those ideas with us but his main focus on Friday was: The costly mistakes he had made in his speaking career-and how we could avoid them!

One of my favorite take a ways was-Fail Cheaply! Steve encouraged all of us to test our brilliant ideas a little piece at a time before committing all of your time and dollars into a great idea that only you love 😉 Steve held the audience captive with his solid suggestions and great case studies.

After our program he held a bonus session on his infamous Personality Poker. What a great tool for discovering your innovation personality! It was great to see how we perceive ourselves and how other perceive us as well. Thanks for sharing this with us Steve.

Our program was a complete success and I highly recommend you bring in Steve Shapiro to speak to your assocaition or company on innovation.

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