Attention Minority Contractors

Have you been certified by the government as a minority owned company? Since Federal projects have to have a certain percentage awarded to minority contractors; this can be a very lucrative opportunity.

For the past two years my company has been looking into this and offering guidance to minority owned companies. Here is a classic example.One of my associates was speaking to a woman who owned her own business and also had minority owned status. Her specialty was flooring and she was very interested in expanding her business to include drywall and painting. She was having a difficult time finding someone who was a very knowledgeable estimator and was completely honest.

She had been awarded jobs but found out after the fact that the estimator had no idea what they were doing and the bid would not make her any profit. To complicate matters the subcontractors she had been using were grossly over charging her. Yes, she was getting the work but everyone was making money but her!

My associate met with her and they agreed upon a fair split of the profits and he began bidding on drywall and painting jobs. He has been bidding this work for over 14 years and they just recently won a bid, where she will actually make money on the project.

Not knowing how to bid a project can be an absolute disaster for minority owned businesses. Be sure to carefully check references and previous jobs before letting anyone work with you on this aspect. If done correctly, both parties can make a good living. One other word of caution-never, ever use workers on a federal or state job that are illegal aliens. The government regularly sends out inspectors to check the workers credentials. If they find you have illegals on the job they will fire you immediately and the gravy train is over for your company!

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