Update on Cash Flow Goals for 2012

Well, it’s about time to review my financial goals for 2012 since half of the year is almost over! Back in December of 2011 I posted Cash Flow Goals for 2012.

The major goal I wanted to accomplish is having 12 job boards up in 2012. It seemed like a pretty straight forward goal…and so far, I have 5 job boards up. A job board consists of employers placing their job ads on the site for specific positions and they pay a certain amount for the posting. Getting the job boards established was not too painful and I’ve been working on the hardest part of the job-getting my job boards to show up in a Google search, on page 1!  I knew it would take time and it is 😉

Here are the job boards that I have established so far:

I’ll keep you posted on my progress and I hope your financial goals for 2012 are coming along.

Does it help/motivate you to put your financial goals in writing?


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