Shooting Star vs Supernova

I have two clients, the first we will call Shooting star, she is 21. The second client is 26 and we will call her Supernova. FYI Supernova is a dead star!

Both of these ladies are self employed, hard working and street smart-but the differences in financial savvy is startling. I was talking with Shooting Star and she informed me that her car was paid for, she has $40,000 in the bank and then she pulls out her iPhone and shows me her watch list for stocks that she is going to buy.I can’t even begin to tell you how shocked/impressed I was! Come to find out, her father is a day trader and she has no interest going that route.

Next, comes Supernova-a great hard working lady. Her car is not paid for and she has minimum savings. in the course of our conversation I asked her if she was doing anything with stocks and she said…..what’s that? Wow, she wasn’t kidding and I was totally shocked by her response. As a small business owner she works so hard but doesn’t have a game plan for her financial success. Is it DNA, is it nature vs nurture? It really bummed me out that she was no naive about something so critical to her success.

I referred both of them to some personal financial blogs including Budgeting in the Fun Stuff and in particular a post by crystal called Money and my Relationships. I think she really does a great job explaining how important it is to choose some financial savvy friends!

The final chapters are far from being written for Super Star and Supernova but hopefully Supernova will find a catalyst to guide her to financial success!!

Do you have friends and or acquaintances that are at such extremes-how did you approach them talking about building their financial success?

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