Hunger Games Fans-Did You Buy the Stock?

I always enjoy the writing of Crystal over at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff! She’s a much more engaging writer than me-I’m not too jealous! Her post today was Yes, I am a Hunger Games Fan. As a matter of fact, she is such a fan that she wrote about it in December 2010-Crystal just knew this was going to be a BLOCKBUSTER!!

She goes on in her post, on a serious note giving her readers some very good take aways from the movie. Me, on the other hand just have one question-Did you buy the stock of the company that made this great movie-Lions Gate, symbol LGF?

Full disclosure: no, I was not wise enough to buy this stock, the stock that is up 74.64% year to date ;(  I’ve always been a believer, when looking for stocks to buy; buy what you know! Many people have had this movie on their radar and I hope they followed through and bought the stock. I know Jim Cramer has been pounding the table on this one-Kudos to Cramer!

I think 2012 will again be the year of the stock picker and what I’ve learned so far this year is I only needed 3 stocks in my portfolio: Apple, Bank of America and Lions Gate! I’ve only had the sense to buy Bank of America @ $5.50 and was late to the Apple show @ $500 but, what the heck!

How about you, do you buy what you know or go with ETF’s?


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