Investor Sentiment

Mark Hulbert follow the advice of newsletters given to investors. He notes this morning that the Monday before the big sell off the investor sentiment was 62.4%-this was the recommended exposure to stocks from the newsletters. The investor sentiment index as of last Monday’s close was at 22.8%
He argues that the average recommended exposure to the stock market has now fallen by nearly 40%. Something you never see see at the top of a stock market rally. Now may be the time to get bargain hunting and pick up some of your favorite mutual funds and stocks that have been battered!
His current report is Newsletter editors have beaten a fairly hasty retreat to the sidelines.

Steve Mertz
Asset Allocation Revisited!

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  1. James & Miel says:


    A good observation. I think this sell off sentiment is a bit overblown. At least with American Stocks we aren’t seeing the kind of precursors that lead to the recession of 01, big layoffs, etc.

    Frankly, this is good time to buy, NOT sell.



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