Remember the Dot-Com’s?

There was an article in Strategy+Business that asked an interesting question: What percentage of dot-com start-ups have failed? Many people typically guess that 90 percent of dot-com companies failed-they would be wrong. The facts are that a random sampling of all dot-Com’s that received venture capital financing in 1999 showed that about half (48 percent) were still in business five years later. The two authors of this study, Tim Laseter and David Kirsch also had an interesting observation: “Upon reflection, the fact that so many companies survived suggest that the first wave of the dot-com revolution suffered from too little entry, and not too much,” they write!
I can’t help but remember a dot-com that made me a ton of money. The symbol is CMGI. Back in 1999 it was around $20 a share and it gave us a great ride to $160 a share in 2000-2001! Fortunately, I took my profit and ran because it went from $160+ to $2.38 a share today!!
So take heart all you would be entrepreneurs-there is always room for your great ideas! Good luck! Sorry for my lack of posts: I’ll get back in the grove.

Steve Mertz

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