Do Rich People Live Longer?

Yahoo Finance had an article called Do Rich People Live Longer? let me guess…Yes!! Here are the major points of this article:

  • It’s clear that those who have less wealth will have fewer years to live than those with more wealth.
  • The longest-running longitudinal study of health, run by George Ballian, professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, found education to be one of the biggest determinants of longevity, along with behavioral factors-excessive drinkers were more likely to die young, for example.
  • People who pursue higher education, explains Valliant, tend to be more focused on the future, which probably also helps them make healthier choices.
  • As for that magic elixir, a group of British scientists now say they have identified a hormone  prevalent in the wealthy that they link to longevity. The hormone regulates one’s stress response and is connected to diet, exercise, and relationships–all known longevity-inducing factors.

No surprises here but it does highlight some issues that most of us don’t like to discuss.

What do you think-do rich people live longer?

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