10 Painless Tricks to Save Money

Allan Roth has a good article called Save Money Every Day: 10 Painless Tricks. His motto is “Never Pay Retail.” You have to love that!

Here are his tips that are good to remember:

1. Say Goodbye and Hello to Cable

This is tried and true-call good old Comcast and tell them, give me your best deal now or I’m leaving. Most of the time they bring out the good stuff and you save money.

2. Pick the Right Credit Card

He uses Fidelity American express. You can also check out Bankrate.com for the best deals.

3. Play the “Travel Game”

He likes Priceline and Hotwire. He then goes to the travel boards of biddingfortravel.com and betterbidding.com He has been able to find great deals!

4. Coupons are Cool

Clipping coupons still works but it’s easier to Google something like Domino’s coupon code, and in 15 seconds later, he’s got a discount code. How painless can you get?

5. Keep the Car

Keep the old beater clean and get regular maintenance for extra years.

6. Shop Online

It’s very hard to beat online-look at the behemoth Amazon has turned out to be!

7. Buy Knockoffs

Not the fake Rolex! He gives the example of going on EBay and find a HP compatible cartridge for as little as a quarter of the price!

8. Car Insurance Checkup

Meeting with an independent insurance agent can save you a ton of money and takes very little time!

9. Complain Well

My starter wife did this well 😉 When you do call in to that 800 number be sure to the name and employee number of the person you are speaking with. No company wants to read about poor customer service on Yelp…

10. Keep Cash Working Hard

Check out Ally bank, ING and other online services to get some great rates.

Read the full article here.

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