The Power of Sleep

We’ve all experienced times when we just can’t sleep and are not on top of our game the next day-sound familiar? For me, if I’m tired day after day it’s hard for me to concentrate on financial opportunities. I’m focusing on the lack of sleep and it’s very hard to get to that state of mind where I look around and see an abundance of financial opportunities!

There are many remedies and basic things we all can do to increase deeper sleep and I was intrigued when I saw this article about the Renew SleepClock by Gear4. It was recently unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  The clock does not require the user to wear anything special. instead the device features a sensor on the front that monitors periods of light and deep sleep based on breathing and body movements. Did I mention that it hooks up to the iPhone, iPad and iPod, of course!!

The device keeps a record of sleep patterns, organizing them by days, weeks or months. Users can view how many hours they spent in light sleep or deep sleep to determine how well they’re snoozing. The SleepClock makes its debut this March for $199.95.

I can’t wait for reviews on this product-hopefully it will help folks get better sleep at night!

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