My Weird Behavior

I Do Product Reviews Rolex!!

Yesterday, Crystal had a post called: Now I remember Why I Avoided HGTV for the Last 3 Years… and she asked a simple question:

Do you have anything in your life driving you to weird behavior?

Hmmm, one of my biggest Google search terms is : I bought a Rolex on impulse. It’s true, I can’t go anywhere near a store that sells Rolex watches. On this particular day I had my eye on a Rolex Submariner and less than 30 minutes later I had added $4,725.00 to stimulate the economy!

I knew it was a tad impulse buy….Really!! It’s this fascination I have with mechanical watches that keep great time and generally hold their value quite well. After buying and selling 4 more Rolex watches, fortunately, at a profit, it dawned on me that I had acquired a rather expensive past time. Gold was starting to climb in price and the prices of the Rolex watches with gold in them also kept climbing.

Today, I confine myself to looking at the pictures of my beloved Rolex’s in Cigar Aficionado-a much cheaper past time! So, while Crystal was filling her house with all those needed HGTV items; I was filling mine with Rolex watches.

Now, I’m older and wiser (kinda) but the car almost stopped in front of a Rolex dealer yesterday 😉

Did I mention that I do product reviews Rolex……

What about you-any sins you want to confess in this public forum?

Julie over at Freedom 48 has an interesting post today called: 6 Questions to Ask  Before Making a Purchase

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