Update on Cash Flow

Recently I’ve had many emails asking me-where have you been? Well, I started my first personal financial blog back in 2005 and it was In Cash Flow We Trust. It was on the Blogger format. The explosion of personal financial blogs had not yet occurred and about this time I discovered some very interesting blogs; some of which were not to far on their journey including: Free Money Finance,  Consumerism  CommentaryFive Cent Nickel and Boston Gal’s open Wallet to name a few.

I was and still am, a big believer in Internet Marketing and started devoting more time and money to developing my online websites and speaking professionally on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). While I still do this, I always regretted letting my Cash Flow Site go from a PR 4/5 with over 15,000 inbound links go by the wayside! So, I’m committed to revitalizing it and taking it from a bodacious pR1 to a PR 4-5+.

I’ve discovered over the years that many people still struggle with cash flow and building a great portfolio. I’m happy to be back sharing my best ideas and thoughts on how you might make this journey with less pain and avoid all the mistakes I’ve made along the way 😉

Please let me know if you might be interested in exchanging links as well as writing guest posts. Thanks to all of you who have rediscovered In Cash Flow We Trust and I look forward to your comments and suggestions!

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