6 Reasons Why You Should Never Retire

6 Reasons Why You Should Never Retire is a recent article for US News and World Report.

Here is their short list:

1. There is no physical reason to retire.

2. Continued work can support healthy aging, including better physical and mental health.

3. Well-being and happiness are boosted when people are engaged in challenging and meaningful activities. Work is a major place to find such activities in our society.

4. Older people have rich experience and mentoring skills to help enrich the workplace experiences of younger colleagues.

5. Declining numbers of younger workers, courtesy of lower fertility rates, will raise the need to retain older employees in the workforce.

6. We need and like the money, and shorter retirements sharply cut the risk we will outlive our assets.

My take is most people don’t really have a working definition of “retirement”. For some, they have spent 30 years of complaining about a job they hated-sometimes they have not been very proactive in seeking a remedy. Retirement today is such a nebulous term-retire to what? My personal experience has been as humans, we need, passion, goals and a sense of accomplishment. Without this-we die!

What are your thoughts-will you just “retire” someday!

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