Weight Loss and Saving Money

I enjoyed an article by Well Heeled called What Losing Weight Taught Me About Saving Money. For me, this topic has been top of mind. I’m in the process of a regular exercise program and I can always do a better job of saving money! I’m in good company: Well Heeled is on this mission as is my friend Crystal and her husband. You can read Crystal’s Health Update here and clearly she is a slacker when it comes to incorporating exercise 😉  and yet, she is a Superstar when it comes to generating the cash flow!!  Why is that?

I’ve pondered that question many times. For me, when I’m at the top of my game; I’m swimming about a mile per day. This has to happen around 5:30 in the morning. I find if this little task isn’t taken care of in the morning…I come up with hundreds of excuses why it can’t be done later in the day. it’s true-I’m weak!! When I do have my exercise program in sync other facets of my life tend to go very well.

Is it the discipline of exercising that spills over into other areas, for me it’s a resounding yes! After all what good is it to have your finances generating plenty of discretionary income if you’re too fat and lazy to enjoy it? I live in Denver, Colorado and I have plenty of incentive to stay healthy and watch my weight because there are so darn many people here who look like they could compete in the Iron man!

Here’s the good news-If you have been able to go this far in the year with an exercise and money saving program-you’re well on your way to success. Most people have dropped out of the gym and forgotten all New Year resolutions by mid February. So, congratulations to all of you who have made it this far!

Thanks for the inspiration to stay with the program Well Heeled! The good fight continues..

What methods or inspiration do you incorporate to stay fit and save money?

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