Are Keywords Important to Your Online Success?

One of my favorite reads in the SEO world is Neil Patel. Neil makes a lot of money and does extensive research to back up his claims, you should read Neil is your serious about making money online!

Neil recently had a blog post about Do Keywords Matter? Interestingly enough he analyzed two sites: and I’m not that familiar with Magnify Money but Get rich slowly has been around for a long time. As you might expect; Get rich slowly has more backlinks, a great domain authority and more indexed pages by Google, not so surprising. But the new kid, Magnify money beats Get rich slowly when it comes to keyword rankings per page. 

So, it appears that it’s not backlinks, the amount of content or the right keywords only; it’s about the depth and comprehensive coverage of the content. This should be of particular importance to you if you need to show up in Google searches. This is how the cash flow machine works.

The article goes into great detail and it is well worth your time and effort to study if you have a blog and are relying on it to make you an online success and make you tons of money!! Good luck and let me know what you think of Neil’s article.

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