Cash Flow and Social Media

2011 was certainly the year when most of us felt like we were getting bent over when it comes to companies sticking us with additional fees!!

The Wall Street Journal had an article called A Year of Flip-Flops and highlighted the following:

Netflix: Abandoned plans on October to separate its DVD by mail business from its Internet-streaming service, but stuck with price increases.

Bank of America: In November dropped plans to impose a $5 monthly fee on debit-card users that was announced five weeks earlier.

H-P: After saying it would explore a spinoff for its PC division, H-P ousted its CEO and later decided not to separate the business.

Verizon Wireless: abandoned its plan to charge some customers $2 to pay their bills online or over the phone.

Social Media cannot be ignored today by companies or you-how are you using social media to increase your cash flow?

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