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Ron Baron on Investing in CEO’s Character

9 years ago Harvey Weinstein wanted the Baron funds to invest in his fledging company. Ron Baron almost did it until he asked people in the industry what they thought of Weinstein’s character-they said he was a (pig-my interpretation) and Baron told him to pound sound.

I like Baron and have followed him for years, he, by the way, is a billionaire, and great stock picker. He mentioned that three of his favorite stock picks are Tesla (TSLA), Vail Resorts (MTN) and Schwab (SCHW). His average investment time in a stock is 10 years-not the usual 10 minutes you see today from a lot of hedge funds 🙂

He likes the character and leadership qualities of these three executives and they have made him a ton of money. When it comes to the infamous Tesla and Elon Musk; Baron says whether he is successful long term or not; his vision has forced Detroit to pursue electric cars-I would agree! Happy investing!