$1,200,000 in 401-k Now What?

It’s so important to celebrate our goals, no matter how humble they may seem. The day that 401-k hit a Million Dollars I brought out those Baccarat Champagne flutes, some great champagne and my wife and I celebrated. It was more important to me because I had broken through a huge mental hurdle…Making a million bucks. You may find that you too have some of those less prosperous thoughts-but don’t give up, you can shatter them, I am a living testament! Well, time went on and the portfolio hit $1.2 million and our marriage was coming to an end-she loved Oregon, I wanted to go home to Colorado and we were on two opposite paths. It was hard packing up the Mercedes with just my clothes and heading to Denver. That was all I took from the marriage-don’t you try this because I can tell you it is difficult to leave all the assets! But for me, it worked- and my thinking was I had managed that portfolio to a Million Dollars-and I could do it again. Today, my focus is building a Two Million Dollar stock portfolio that throws off some serious cash flow-I’m getting lazier but will still trade to supplement my Cash Flow. I will share the best ideas that may help you on your journey. Enjoy 🙂

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  1. Michelle Zeiser says:

    Excellent personal experience! Hope you are doing well – very well written – hope you are doing well!


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