2 Year Waiting List for Bentley’s

Ben Stein claims that in Beverly Hills, Clifornia there is a two year waiting list for the Bentley Continental Convertible. Accordingly, he feels that there should be a tax increase on “the rich.” For example, if you are in the 33% tax bracket you would get 10% added on for a total of 36.3% Interesting idea Ben. He feels that the rich should be footing the bill for the war in Iraq. His logic is simple, if our men and women weren’t defending our country the rich would not have an opportunity to make money. Further, the police protect the rich from being killed by the poor and taking their money!

Ben was also pitching his book: How Successful People Win: Using Bunkhouse Logic to Get What You Want in Life.. The book originally came out in 1981 but he spruced it up a bit last year and hence, we have new reading pleasure 🙂 What little I have read so far-I kind of enjoyed! Here’s an interesting passage that caught my eye:”Low self-esteem is a feeling of dislike for yourself. Low self-esteem invariably produces unhappiness. Low self-esteem comes from failure and frustration. Once in place, it becomes a paralyzing illness. It can and does hold back people with great natural ability.”

Imagine that, Ben and I agree on something! I’ll let you know how the rest of the book turns out.

Steve Mertz
Bueller Where Are You

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