7 Tips for Optimizing Income from eBay

Here’s the follow-up I promised you on the eBay call I listened to Tuesday evening. My original post was eBay-Cash Flow Fortune? I mentioned that my mentor Tom Antion was going to be interviewing Adam Ginsberg who is a Platinum eBay seller, that’s as high as they go folks! It was an informative talk and here are some things I learned about eBay and the possibilities it may present to my readers.

eBay currently has 160,000,000 million users. Each day they get 45,000 new members.
14% of all Ecommerce is done on eBay!

Between October 2001 and May 2005 Adam Ginsberg sold $20 Million dollars on eBay and the internet and here are some pointers he offered us:

1. Use Pay Pal in addition to your merchant account. EBay buyers expect you to offer Pay Pal.

2. Your best buys can come from people who don’t include a picture of the product they are selling-fewer people bid on these items.

3. Your title is critical. You only get 55 characters so maximize every word.

4. Great pictures will help you receive a premium for your product.

5. Spell words correctly in your ad. One buyer bought a “Prada” purse for $65 and resold it for $295 dollars because the original seller had it listed as a “Prade” purse.

6. Add a Frequently Asked Questions on your site. This allows you to spell out everything so there are no misunderstandings.

7. EBay is the largest car dealer in the world and it is the only category where there is more demand than supply!

Thanks for the tips Adam and I hope this helps readers who are considering adding eBay to their Cash Flow strategies!

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3 Responses to “7 Tips for Optimizing Income from eBay”

  1. Steve Mertz says:

    That’s good to hear-I was Impressed with his depth of knowledge.

  2. Rajen Devadason says:

    Dear Steve,

    Thanks for so many things.

    First, thanks for the excellent eBay posting. Even I, in faraway Malaysia, have heard of Adam Ginsburg!

    Second, thanks for alerting me to the excellent blog by Mapgirl at:

    I checked out her blog and it is something that will certainly be helpful to my own readers, so I’ve put a link to her, just as I have to you.

    Oh, and I also found this excellent Special Report on cashflow management by clicking on a Google AdSense link at your blog. Thanks for providing such a useful facility.

    Stay well and do keep up the wonderful blogging.

    Warmest regards,


  3. Steve Mertz says:

    Thanks for your kind words Rajen. I have learned a lot about the eBay world-very lucrative! How bout that Mapgirl-she’s really doing a great job! Have a great day. Steve

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