A Challenge to All Personal Finance Bloggers & Readers

Let’s help this woman and others like her. As a human-resources executive, Debra Shafer was a heavy hitter-until her 6 year old son was diagnosed with autism. Her career was soon history as Ms. Shafer, of Newton, Pa., struggled to get her son to five weekly therapy sessions , plus testing and evaluations. Under current law, parents aren’t entitled to special accommodations.

This story was written by Sue Shellenbarger, author of Work & Family in the Wall Street Journal, in the July 6, 2006 issue. I can personally tell you that this situation in not uncommon. When I was taken ill at age 6 my father left my mother with four kids. Had it now been for the generosity of aunts and uncles and other fabulous people we would have been in deep dew!

So here’s the challenge: Send me your very best, proven ideas for generating cash flow for this woman and others that may be in similar situations. Keep in mind, that these individuals usually have to stay close to home and time is precious. So, lets give our very best ideas that can be implemented from home with a minimum of cash outlay.

I will give the winner of the best idea a $200 gift certificate to the restaurant of your choice…In Denver that buys dinner, not sure about you high rollers in Boston and New York 🙂

Ground Rules: No porn related ideas and no ideas that are not tested. I don’t mind if you send affiliate ideas that you will credit for but please be sure they are good ideas and people are making money. Please no spam as I will be checking out these ideas. I’ll gather some people to determine the 10 best ideas and then forward them on to Sue Shellenbarger, if she would like to be the final judge and pick the single best idea!

What do you think-Can we produce 100 fabulous money making ideas that could help individuals in similar situations?? You can leave your ideas in the comment section or email me at smertz@msn.com Thanks in advance for your best ideas!

Steve Mertz
Best Cash Flow Ideas Wanted!

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6 Responses to “A Challenge to All Personal Finance Bloggers & Readers”

  1. Single Ma says:

    How about start a blog?

    Throw up a few Google targeted ads, consider payperpost.com, amazon links, and other sponsors. The blog can be about autism and her experience. It can serve to educate/help others in similar situations, be quasi-therapy for her, and generate a little cash flow.

    Just a thought…

  2. Steve Mertz says:

    I like it single ma! Maybe take her posts and compile an ebook to boot. She would have generating some huge traffic and getting a lot of adsense becasue I’m guessing she may need to make close to $100,000 a year to cover extra medical costs. Good Idea and Thanks!!! Steve

  3. Nick says:

    $200 gift certificate? Is that a typo? If not, I’d recommend Sue get a friend to post a great idea on here and split the gift certificate with the friend 50-50!

  4. Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC says:

    In my youth, I read a book that influenced my thinking about jobs and money for the rest of my life. It is “Earning Money Without a Job: The Economics of Freedom” by Jay Conrad Levinson (yes, the marketing guru). I recommend she get a copy of this, which is probably out of print but could be found by an Internet search.

    Many of us have figured out how to make good livings without the stress of a 9-5 job. I hope this helps!

    Rebecca Morgan

  5. Steve Mertz says:

    Thanks Rebecca-I’m going to see if I can run down a copy as well!

  6. Single Ma says:

    whoever won this…umm…’challenge?’

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