A Million Little Piece

Or pieces of lies. I saw James Frey defending his book on Larry King the other night and frankly this was my first exposure to the whole matter. As I have discussed in previous posts…The book industry is huge money and rules are often bent. It was no surprise that Oprah endorsed James and asserted that the author should have checked the facts-what else was she going to say?? I am going to assume for a moment that some of this book is in fact truthful and that Frey felt himself “disabled” by his drug and alcohol addiction. He gets out of recovery, is dead broke and has to make a choice. Does he go sign up for social security disability and book an appointment with a state counselor? Maybe they would find him a safe, productive job or he could live on his disability check of $1500 a month. Option two is to think outside the box and maybe embellish his story a little. What the heck if I were getting royalties on over two million books sold or looking at that $1500 a month check-I could , maybe embellish a fact or two. Seriously, whatever you think of Frey is your choice but the truth is that sometimes the federal agencies in charge of helping disabled individuals like Frey will lead them straight to poverty…Do not pass GO! Hmmm-don’t know all the answers but my personal feeling is that each and everyone of us are better off developing our own cash flow strategy and acknowledging that we are all free agents! Good hunting.

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