A Mother’s Day Gift Suggestion

We all have our Mother’s Day traditions and special gifts….Right? For your consideration I will offer the following. Try to get together with your Mom in person or on the phone and have a great conversation about money. Mom’s know a lot about cash flow, budgetingg, investments and resourcefulness. Ask about their best and worst financial lessons and share the same. My Mom was one of the most resourceful women in the world when it came to cash management but Prosperity was not in her realm of reality-she taught me many invaluable lessons. You may wish to give your Mom a gift certificate to meet with a Money Coach in addition to your regular gift. I know you will learn a lot from this experience. A friend of mine was shocked to learn upon his Mother’s death that he was a Millionaire. Over the years his mother had sent money to her friend in Florida who had purchased beach front condo’s and rented them out. Neither his father or he knew until her death about her financial success. I would give her an A+ for Financial Success but an F for Prosperity. Enjoy this journey and make it a Prosperous one!

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