A Woman’s Viewpoint of Financial Success

I learned today that Sandy Lerner was a founder of Cisco Systems. It’s always instructive for me to read about successful people and the way they think. She said a couple of things that really jumped out at me. She watches no TV and says: “I’m not a watcher. Life is short. Why watch other people doing stuff?” While in college she would drive home every weekend to tend to her chores. “The animals were the center of my life. I needed that kind of responsibility. I needed to feel needed. What a terrible thing to grow up and feel superfluous.” And of course on financial success she recounted working briefly at a bank after graduation from high school. “The owner kept calling me Louise, Louise was a big Italian woman with a beehive who made $325 a month, and whatever part of life gave women $325 a month, that is not where I wanted to be.” Thanks Sandy, we appreciate your prosperous mind set!

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