Another Contest Entry!

I received a very nice email from a reader that I wanted to share with you. I’m not going to disclose his identity since he sent the email to me but he was responding to this post about “Personal Finance Tip-Put Those Domain Names to Work!”

“Hi. Just want to say first off, love your blog. I try to take a look every few days and see what you’re writing about.

Your last post about domain names really struck a chord with me. Back in February I sat down and bought about 80 names on godaddy, for a little foray into the domain name business. I got the idea after discovering the company (cmnn on the bulletin board) which is a traded company working in that field. Their pr guy runs a nice blog as well.

Well, back in late June I had 20 more names I wanted to buy. I just sat down this past week to look them up again – and lo and behold – about 5 of them were gone. I guess my point is – its seems like there’s some decent demand out there for .coms. I need to not hesistate next time.

Well, I just wanted to drop you an email. I’ve been reading regularly since spring. I like your contest idea. I know you were asking for proven cash flow ideas, but I have one that I have not done, but I know exists. My wife’s old roomate is lawyer outside of Philadelphia. About three years ago, her bill collector (the person that collects her payments) left her high and dry and she called my wife to do the work for her. Unfortunately, my wife had just recently had our children and didn’t have time to do this. But my home-based business idea for the woman you wrote about would be to start a home-based collection agency… “

Keep up the great work Steve!

Here is my response to him.

Mitchell-Thanks for your kind comments! It’s great to get feedback on what resonates with readers-I really apprecaite it. I should have mentioned in the article that many people have researched domain names and gone back in a couple of hours to buy them and mysteriusly, they have been purchased…so, when I research now, I buy! Great idea for the contest and I will post it. Best Wishes, Steve Mertz

Steve Mertz
Thanks for The Input!

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