Are You In Financial Purgatory?

Webster defines Purgatory as : a place or state of temporary suffering or misery.
I’ve met people who choose to make this a lifestyle and wonder how it happened. For me, Financial Prosperity is an everyday choice, an attitude of abundance and a passion for life. I would offer up a comparison of two differing outlook’s. Consider the Gamer Vs the MBA. The Gamer is Maggie Wang and the MBA is Mike, who was commenting on Maggie’s positive review of the Millionaire Next Door.

Mike commented: Maggie, your thoughts regarding money and being a millionaire are interesting and not unusual. I know many frugal people who would agree with everything you had to say, however, I am not one of them. Respectfully speaking, could I ask why you want to be a A millionaire? Do you dislike working and want to retire early? Are you saving up for some big purchase? I am not sure what you want to do with that money, but it seems a bit ironic that you criticize people for getting caught up in what you deem excesses, yet you seem obsessed with an arbitrary number that some writer has deemed to be the mark of financial success. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to be financially secure, but is the person that travels around the world experiencing all that life has to offer and retires with a modest nest egg any less successful or worse off than the person that pinches every penny and at age 57 has a million dollars? I have an MBA from a top business school and I make a comfortable living, but I have no doubt your net worth is higher than mine for the simple fact that I believe you have to enjoy life while you can and if that means taking some nice trips or splurging with friends or family for those special occasions, or buying a nice gift for that special someone, then why not? When you’re 60 and sitting on a pile of cash, I sincerely hope you’re happy and not asking yourself why you didn’t take that trip to Europe 30 years ago when you were young enough to enjoy it. Best of luck. – Mike

Maggie Responded: Why do habitual spenders always assume that frugal types never have any fun, part with ANY money, and live miserable, small lives just because they refuse to blow every spare cent that trickles into their bank accounts? It isn’t like that at all. Frugal people spend-but they think hard about it first and they sure as hell check to make sure it’s the best price possible. It isn’t about an arbitrary number or denying yourself of every bit of fun as you implu-it is about NOT having to work or worry about survival when I do retire or if the economy takes a downturn. It is about being able to provide well for the education of any children I may one day have, and not being a financial burden on them when I’m in my golden years. It is about being secure and happy because guess what? I don’t have any money worries hanging over my head and driving me to despair or anger.

The MBA is right, Maggie should be thinking not about $1 Million but $5 million+ because in my humble opinion she has the attitude of abundance and a passion for life-I don’t see her spending any time in Financial Purgatory! I obviously don’t know either person but my gut tells me that our MBA friend may do some time in Financial Purgatory. I hereby grant all reader’s a Get Out of Purgatory Free Card by your adopting an attitude of Financial abundance. I also want to thank our two unsuspecting participants. šŸ™‚

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