Brother Love’s Mailbox

Dear Brother Love, my name is Robin, and am a former CFO of a publicly traded communications company in Denver, CO. I say former because recently the SEC indicted me for insider trading. I sold a stinking 10,000 shares of stock for a $125,000 gain. I’m angry because my boss had a “small man complex” in every way-I could not believe how small his hands were. He once told us the “most important thing we do is meet our numbers. It’s more important than any individual product, it’s more important than any individual philosophy. It’s more important than any individual cultural change that we’re making. We stop everything else when we don’t make the numbers.” I am 44 years old and face a prison sentence and losing my family because of this. I worked hard to win the financial game-I even worked on a crucial financial report after going into labor. I brought my workaholic tendencies with me. I also competed in triathlon’s, cycling and skiing-all in an attempt to break that glass ceiling. I’m angry that as a woman I only earned 75.5 cents for every dollar than men earn. I’ve read your blog and and would remind your readers: Clearly define your financial exit strategy. My position in a company does not define who I am. I let down a lot of other women who could have used a good and honest mentor. When this is over I will go back to my roots and realize that money is a
useful tool but not a means to an end. Brother Love replies : Robin, continue to come clean in this investigation and continue to help others who may lose their course. Ps Some of these characters may be fictional.

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