Building Blocks for Financial Prosperity

As promised here are some of the best ideas:

  1. Build a Two Million dollar portfolio on your computer-I use or Look at it daily!
  2. Build a network of like minded individuals that will support you.
  3. Hire a coach, truth teller or investment advisor that will be in your face-once a month for the first twelve months. You listen and ask much better questions when you pay.
  4. Ask better money questions of the big dogs-go at least three questions deep. Eliminate how’d you do it?
  5. Pick your poison-stocks, real estate, royalties, etc.. Attend one meeting a month/quarter to whet your appetite.
  6. Read about others who are on the journey-the big winners as well as the losers, did they make a come back?
  7. Always incorporate HUMOR when you are learning/talking about money-it’s easier to learn when you are laughing.
  8. Make it part of your daily routine-Every day @ Starbuck’s I spend a few minutes talking to my bud who is a multi-millionaire from trading new stock issues.
  9. Listen to subliminal/positive affirmations once a week while you sleep-Very Powerful.

Have fun on this journey 🙂

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